Nintendo NX Release Date Confirmed

In 2015, Nintendo teased that they were in the works on their new-generation console codenamed, NX. According to the Twitter post from Nintendo Of America (@NintendoAmerica), NX will be on the shelves next year in March 2017. Alongside with this console is the highly-anticipated new Zelda game that would also be released on the Wii U. The Legend OF Zelda was slated to be released last year but was moved due to NX’s launch next year. The game will be shown in E3 this June.

There hasn’t been any details about NX for the past few months from Nintendo but there were a lot of leaked images about the design of their next-gen controller and the console hardware details. Nintendo didn’t give any comments about the said leak and they haven’t shown any details of how the console looks like and it’s specification. What Nintendo also confirmed is that their new console will not be shown in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, this is according to what GameSpot have from investors.

Sirus Gaming: Seems that there will be a lot to expect with NX next year. The team will also be getting the next-generation console of Nintendo and let’s see how it goes from there next year.

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