Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Coming With New Leak

Rumor reveals that there might be a Nintendo Switch 2 coming soon and it might come with a new feature that will surprise the gaming community.

Nintendo Switch 2 is coming?

Self-confessed reverse engineer and infosec enthusiasts Mike Heskin recently took to Twitter to reveal some new information about the latest Switch firmware update firmware 10.0.0, and what he found in the codes. In his investigation, he claims he might have found a codename for a new model “nx-bcd.’ This code, he claims, is a support for a second screen.

What this means is that the upcoming console system might be somewhat closer to its predecessor, the Nintendo 3DS XL. It does raise some questions from many gamers out there like how would it hold up with a second display and what would be its purpose.

There is some proof to what Heskin revealed. In previous codenames, it was discovered that nx-abcb was actually the codename for the upcoming new version Nintendo Switch Lite. That does not mean it is 100 percent accurate, but it does tickle the curiosity of those who want to discover the truth.

Nintendo Switch original, v2, and Lite are currently selling well and at one time it ran out of units to sell in the US due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will just have to wait and see what Nintendo might be announcing soon. Still, take this with a grain of salt.

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