Nintendo Adds More Guidelines for Disinfecting Switch Consoles with Alcohol

New guidelines were recently added by game company Nintendo to clean and disinfect the Nintendo Switch console and its accessories.

Due to how it is usually played by hand, the Nintendo Switch might get into contact with dirt, bacteria, and with the global pandemic, viruses like COVID-19. To prevent this, Nintendo has published more guidelines in order to properly and thoroughly make them clean to protect their customers.

The English customer support page states that console owners must disinfect their items with a light amount of consumer-grade disinfectant with approximately 70 percent alcohol. Apply that to a soft cloth and use that to wipe the items gently.

The Japanese customer support page (Thanks Siliconera for the translation!) on how to properly apply such methods on the Switch. If they fail, it might cause damage and the service center might even charge its customers a fee for the repairs.

  • Do not use alcohol made for uses other than disinfection, such as fuel, as it may damage the device.
  • Do not immerse the device or apply the antiseptic solution directly, as the device may break if liquids enter its insides.
  • Please make sure the device has been thoroughly dried after the disinfection before using it. The device may break if it is used while still wet.