Nintendo Switch Games for 2018 That Matter (So far)

The Switch is without a doubt one of Nintendo’s greatest creations. A console that you can play on your television and on-the-go? Now that’s definitely something you don’t see every day!

The best part is that this hybrid machine has more amazing games coming out this year! While there are some noteworthy titles, there are a couple which stands out from the rest that die-hard fans of the console are really looking forward to.

Now let’s take a look at some of the more famous names that Switch owners are itching to get their hands on:

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo is trying to make use of cardboard and integrating it into their console. This seems…weird, but it’s new and interesting!…I suppose! Heck, lots of people are talking about it because of how unique the concept is, so good on Nintendo for gaining this much publicity. It’s trying to reinvent the way gaming is handled as you can literally shape the cardboard cut-out into an RC car, piano, camera, and even a robot! Players will be introduced to a whole new playstyle with the Labo, and that’s enough to get people invested in the idea.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards

One of the best platformers of the modern generation is getting more added content. And it’s for the Switch! While sadly this is the last adventure of the Treasure Trove saga, there’s bound to be a ton of additional gameplay changes such as being able to play as King Knight and the cool looking card game that will give the game a little more depth. Also, more new levels? That’s one really big reason that will compel any fan of the game to purchase this expansion.


If you love Yoshi, then this is bound to make you tremble with giddiness. The game takes on a whole new concept where everything feels like it’s made of cardboard. This integrates into the gameplay as you need to change camera perspective to get Yoshi through the different levels. While you’re still able to chuck eggs at enemies, it’s kinda clear that most likely we’re going to see a couple of new and exciting features as this game looks like it has a ton of that to offer.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Now let’s move our way to something more violent. This is the next big Bethesda game that the Switch is getting and a lot of people are dang hyped for it. A first-person shooter that’s set in a world where the Nazi’s actually managed to win the World War? Isn’t that more than enough to get people interested in playing the dang game? It’s one of the more darker and more mature titles to hit the console, and a lot of people really want to get their hands on it.

Hollow Knight

This action-adventure platformer took everyone by surprise. It’s a solid game that’s difficult, yet fair. I know that this has been said so many times before but think of it as Dark Souls except in a 2D setting. The gameplay is deep, the story is compelling, and everything looks and sounds great. And besides, don’t you think that the main character model looks pretty cute? Now imagine being able to bring the little guy with you and use him to hack and slash monsters wherever you go. Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Dark Souls: Remastered

Now, this is the game where players are required to “Git gud”. Switch owners are going to get one of the hardest games ever in the best version that they could possibly ask for. This action RPG is making its way to the console and players better get ready to die in their homes, in a bus, a plane, on the toilet, and pretty much just about anywhere. Just remember not to get too frustrated while playing as you don’t wanna end up with a busted screen or joy-con.

Mario Tennis Aces

Let’s move our way back to the first party titles. If any of you have played previous Mario Tennis titles (except the one for the WiiU as that one was just….a disappointment), then all of you will be glad to know that the next installment in the franchise is making its way to the Switch! What’s more is that it’s stated as the most difficult Mario Tennis ever. Add that along with the return of a story mode and the snazzy new motion controls that will most likely be integrated into the game, and we have ourselves a title that will get us all pumped up to play some virtual tennis!

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

Arguably one of the best platformers for the WiiU, this game is finding itself a new home on the Nintendo Switch! Donkey Kong is back in action, and he’s bringing an old friend: Funky Kong. It’s fun, challenging, and you can play co-op with a friend as you can easily whip one both joy-cons just about anywhere! So get ready to start monkeying around while you and your player 2 are gonna go bananas just trying to reach the end goal!

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

The hack and slash action game is coming to the Switch and it’s looking really good. It was already a big hit when it was on the WiiU and on the 3DS it was….plagued with framerate problems (assuming that you weren’t using a new 3DS), but Switch owners are getting the best version of the famous title! And with the added feature of being able to play with a pal on-the-go?  Now that’s just something that the WiiU version wished it could have done.

Fire Emblem for the Switch

The ever famous strategy role-playing game is coming! We don’t exactly know when it’s going to be released as of yet, but it’s stated to hit around sometime this year! (assuming nothing happens to delay the game to 2019 to which I say “Dear God I hope not!). It’s most likely going to retain the staple mechanics and features from the previous titles, but seeing Nintendo’s tendency to innovate, we’ll never really know until the game’s release.

I know that there are a ton of other titles that are missing from the list but hear me out. There’s no definite word that big games such as Bayonetta 3, Metroid 4, Shin Megami Tensei V, or even the upcoming Pokemon game are coming out in 2018. There’s a possibility that they could, but there isn’t enough information to tell us that they’ll come out this year; hence my decision to leave them out of the list.

Doesn’t mean I’m not excited for them though because they all sound so friggin good.

So there you have it! A list of the top games that just about every Switch owner is going to want and need for 2018. The funny thing is that we don’t know what’ going to happen this year, so we should all prepare ourselves for a bunch of surprises Nintendo could throw our way.