Nintendo Announces Production of Switch Consoles will be 20% Fewer due to Chip Shortages

Better get a reservation right now.

Nintendo has some bad news for fans of the Switch console and for those who are planning to buy one soon. They have announced that production of the Switch consoles will be 20 percent fewer going forward.

In a new report by Nikkei, Nintendo had planned to manufacture 30 million units of Nintendo Switch consoles by March 2022, but unfortunately they were only able to hit 24 million units. They had plans to increase the production of its new OLED model, but high demand made it difficult for them to achieve this. There was also a shortage of components, which contributed for the increase to not happen.

A Nintendo representative confirmed the shortage of chips. They are currently studying of the shortage on their production of Switch consoles in the future.

A while ago, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukuwa had confirmed that their company was not able to produce as many consoles as the demand required. They were also worried of what will happen to the production in the future. It seems it has now become a reality.

Nintendo fans who are planning to get a Nintendo Switch console this coming holiday season might want to secure a reservation as early as possible.

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