Nintendo UK Support Reportedly Stated Switch Dock Now Discontinued

A recent report supposedly states that the Nintendo Switch dock has been discontinued in the UK.

The rumor revealed that the Switch dock has been out of stock for a while now in the country and a Reddit user reached out to Nintendo to get some answers. He wanted to know if there were going to be more stocks later on. To his shock, it was revealed by the tech support that replied to his email that the dock has been discontinued.

The reply is quite strange and could be a mistake from the tech support. There is also the possibility that it could be true, but it would be weird as to why Nintendo would discontinue such an important accessory for the console. There were rumors that a new version of the console is coming, but it was not officially confirmed by Nintendo.

Here is the exchange by the reddit user and the tech support via My Nintendo News:

“Dear Saeed40,

Thank you for contacting us and placing an enquiry.

A member of our Nintendo Customer Support Team has looked into your enquiry and added a response.

For your records, your original query was:

When will the Switch dock set be available for purchase again? The product has been out of stock for some time in the UK whereas the US, Japan and Europe has been available since the product’s release. Can the dock be available once again, it’s important for us as users to want to be able to have a Switch dock in every room that has a TV. a dock for traveling or just as a backup.

After further investigation, we can confirm the following:

Dear Saeed,

Thanks for getting in contact with Nintendo.

I am really sorry but we have discontinued the Nintendo Switch Dock Set in the UK, therefore our UK Store will no longer stock this on our site.

I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

If you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact a member of our support team via your account.

Kind Regards,


Nintendo Official UK Store”

Again, it is quite strange for Nintendo to discontinue the product. We will have to wait for them to make an official statement for this.

Nintendo Switch is now available worldwide.