Nintendo Switch Gets New Small Update To Fix Issue With Pro Controller

The popular game console system Nintendo Switch gets a new update to fix a certain issue with the Pro Controller.

Nintendo Switch new update out now

Game company Nintendo released this new update version 10.0.2 to fix the issue with the Pro Controller. It was revealed that this issue came about when players updated to version 10.0.0 or 10.0.1. The previous update would cause a problem where setting up a new Pro Controller would cause the error “incorrect joystick control.” Many were freaked out of this and annoyed, which is why this new update is a godsend.

Update 10.0.2 has other improvements introduced to the system as well like stability improvements. The previous update did introduce features like bookmarking News articles, transfer software data from system memory to an SD card and vice versa, remapping the controller buttons, and a few more.

Better pick up the new update soon so that you will not get frustrated with the error anymore when setting up a new Pro Controller.

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