Nintendo Switch Worldwide Sales Now 68.3 Million Units

Game company Nintendo has recently shared its quarterly results showing that the Nintendo Switch has already reached 68.3 million units in sales globally.

The newest number of global sales was based as of September 30. Here are the details:

Nintendo Switch

  • Hardware: 68.30 million units (+6.86 million from the previous quarter)
  • Software: 456.49 million units (+49.82)

Nintendo 3DS

  • Hardware: 75.94  million units (+0.07)
  • Software: 385.12 million units (+1.05)

Wii U

  • Hardware: 13.56 million units (-)
  • Software: 103.27 million units (+0.17)

Way back in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, the Nintendo Switch sales were about 5.68 million units. The second quarter got an increase, which was 6.86 million units to 12.54 million units in the fiscal year. By the end of the fiscal year in March 2021, the game company aims to reach 24 million Nintendo switch console sales.

Source: Official Website via Siliconera