Nioh 2 Developers Impressed with PlayStation 5 SSD Load Times

Nioh 2 Game Director Fumihiko Yasuda recently spoke in an exclusive interview with VideoGamesChronicle about Team Ninja’s impressions with the PlayStation 5 and its features.

Yasuda shared that some of the features that impressed them were the DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Since they worked on The Nioh Collection exclusively for the PS5, they were able to try out these features and incorporate them into the two games included. Haptic feedback, in particular, had a function for Nioh 2. It allowed players to almost actually feel and pet the new yokai mascot Scampuss.

The game director then pointed out what really impressed the development team most, which was the PS5’s SSD. It made the load times so much smaller, which made it easier to load resources in the game and can easily load save files in just a few seconds compared to old gen consoles.

Yasuda stated:

But the SSD is actually probably the biggest point I’m interested in just because the load times are going to be made so much smaller, which, for example, is going to open up new avenues for open world games being even more accessible to developers.

This is possibly a hint that Team Ninja might just try out the open-world genre in the future. Yasuda did clarify that there are no plans for now though. He also teased that he would want to make a new installment of the Ninja Gaiden series, but there are no plans for it now.

Nioh 2 is now available on PlayStation 4. The Complete Edition is also coming to PC via Steam. The Nioh Collection is exclusively coming to PlayStation 5 and it includes both the original and the sequel.

Interview source: VideoGamesChronicle