Nioh 2 New Patch on PC Causes Crashes; Team Ninja Now Investigating

The new patch for video game Nioh 2 was released last week on PC has caused some issues for many players lately.

According to several threads on Steam community, patch 1.27 for Nioh 2 on PC has made it unplayable for many players. Their games have crashed multiple times whenever they try to start a mission or when the complete one.

The new patch was to introduce the keyboard and mouse icons to show up and further improve the Nioh 2 on PC. It seems it had adverse effects instead.

The crashes did not happen before the implementation of patch 1.27, but now it has made it almost impossible to play. The crashes usually happen after the introductory cutscene or at the end of the mission as players return to the overworld screen. Some even crashed when using the Shrines.

Others have suggested that it is due to the game running on 4K resolution, but others have replied that the crashes still happen on Nioh 2 even with lower settings. Others have tried to turn off other settings, but it still crashed.

Game studio Team Ninja was quick to acknowledge these issues and are now investigating them. Hopefully, they can finally figure out what is going on.

Nioh 2 is now available on PC, PS4, and P5.

Source: Steam