Nioh 2 New Update Version 1.12 Now Available for Download

Game studio Team Ninja has released a brand new update for popular action fighting video game Nioh 2.

Nioh 2

Update version 1.12 was recently released after the previous update was implemented recently for new DLC The Tengu’s Disciple. This new update fixes some of the issues that the game has when the DLC got installed for the first time.

Check out the patch notes here via official website:

Ver 1.12 Update

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue in the main mission Eternal Rivals where if the Hot Spring Chamber Key was acquired once and the mission is exited, it could not be acquired again even on subsequent playthroughs of the mission
• Fixed an issue during the multiplayer boss fight of Eternal Rivals, where Yoshitsune would sometimes repeat a single behavior indefinitely
• Fixed an issue where a higher level Soul Core could be created from lesser Soul Cores during Soul Fusion
• Fixed an issue regarding the Kodama Blessings in The Tengu’s Disciple, where there was one too many Samurai Blessing kodama, and one too few Hunter Blessing kodama.
• Fixed an issue where the Demo Parade Picture Scroll’s Discovered By information would sometimes display incorrectly.
• Fixed an issue in which tabs would incorrectly change when selecting base items and materials during Soul Fusion.
• Fixed an issue in which unacquired samurai skills Flux, Flux II, and Flash Attack could be activated using a Splitstaff before the skills were acquired.
• Fixed an issue that could cause an application error after the intro cutscene of The Tengu’s Disciple.
• Fixed an issue that could cause an application error if a particular procedure was used in the Hanging Scrolls section of Remodel Hunt.

Nioh 2 is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4 with the latest DLC The Tengu’s Disciple released.