No More Heroes 3 is the End of the Series According to Suda51

This will be the last time we will ever see Travis Touchdown in the series.

No More Heroes 3

In a new statement by Game Creator Goichi Suda aka Suda51, newly released video game sequel No More Heroes 3 is the end of the series.

According to Suda51, fans will have to come to terms that No More Heroes 3 will be the last of the series as the story ends there. This is the last time they will get to see Travis Touchdown in his own game series.

Suda51 shared a little trivia about what the team was going to name it the first time, which was No More Heroes 3 FINAL BOUT – All-Out Galactic War. He revealed that they did not go with that because it was too long, so they took a hint from the Rocky series and went simply with No More Heroes 3.

This will be Travis Touchdown’s final battle, according to Suda51, and after that he will be “embarking on a much-deserved, long journey”.

Suda51 then says goodbye to the series’ hero and the series itself, confirming that this is the end. He does, however, did not confirm that this is the last time Travis Touchdown will appear anywhere. Perhaps, he will be seen as an easter egg in a future, new IP by Suda51 or in other games as a guest character.

No More Heroes 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.