Experts Warn PS5 Owners Not to Put Consoles Vertically

Let it lay down, not stand up.

A few experts have now warned some PS5 owners not to put their consoles in a vertical position as it might just make problems in the future.

According to a new report, this new PS5 issue is due to a design flaw related to the cooling system for the PS5’s Accelerated Processing Unit. The experts claim that the apparent design flaw is about the liquid metal layer placed in between the PS5’s APU chip and heat sink.

It was revealed that the liquid metal had a chance of leaking when the console is in the vertical position for long periods of time. When it is put upright, the liquid metal has a chance to start moving or leak out. If that gets leaked out, then the element that would manage the heat coming off from the APU and as a result, the processor will get damaged.

While the real damage is the processor getting damaged, the liquid metal that got out could leak toward other sensitive PS5 internal parts. It could then start to short-circuit the console. The experts claim both versions of the PS5 have this problem, unfortunately.

That’s not looking good. Not good at all.

The person to discover this particular issue is a YouTuber named The Cod3r who also is a console repairman. He shared a video about this particular issue a while ago and now other console repairmen and technicians have claimed they have also encountered this issue.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has not shared any statement in regards to this new issue.

I personally put my PS5 console horizontally due to my fear of toppling it accidentally if it is in the vertical position. Little did I know my worry actually helped and prevented a big disaster. Whew.

So everyone, better put your PS5 consoles on the side and not vertically.