Bad News for Nintendo Fans Waiting for Next-Gen Console in 2023

Might be happening the following year though.

A reputable analyst has now come forward predicting that the announcement of a next-gen Nintendo console is not happening this year.

According to Ampere Analysis Research Director Piers Harding-Rolls in an interview with media outlet, he predicts that Nintendo’s next-gen console will not be announced and released within this year.

“I’m not expecting a next-gen Nintendo console in 2023: we have 2024 in our forecasts,” Rolls-Harding said.

There is the good news from this prediction though: 2024 could be the year Nintendo announces its next-gen console. He also expects Nintendo’s next big game, The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, to sell a lot and also help out with the sales of the Nintendo Switch hardware.

In the past, many fans have already speculated that Nintendo is already making strides in the successor of the Nintendo Switch console. After the big reveal of PlayStation and Xbox’s successors, it was expected that the third member of the “big 3” game companies would follow suit. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Instead, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch Lite and the biggest slap to the face of the fans who waited for a next-gen console, the Nintendo Switch OLED.

A while ago, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman revealed that there was indeed a mid-gen version of the Nintendo Switch planned for an announcement (aka the Nintendo Switch Pro), but that got canceled. In 2021, there were claims that at least 11 studios got a 4K version of the Nintendo Switch as development kits. Were these claims true? No one knows unfortunately as there was no evidence released to prove it existed.