Now Available on Steam: Lux Delux

Lux Delux is now available on the Steam gaming platform! Sillysoft Games is very excited to be bringing the game of universal domination to a new audience of gamers.

Lux Delux has been updated to version 6.44 to co-incide with the steam release. The main changes are:
• The 2 expansion campaigns of Ancient Empires Lux and American History Lux are now included inside Lux Delux.
• An enhanced Record Book window, keeping track of more stats for you and displaying them better. Access it under the File menu.
• The map will now flash visually when your turn starts. You can turn this off in the Preferences if you don’t like it.

Upgrade your Lux through steam, or from Sillysoft here.

They are also discounting the mobile versions of Lux DLX to just $1.99 this week, for both iOS and Android. Find them on the app stores inside your device.

The internet is a great big place. Please help the developers spread the news about Lux Delux on Steam far and wide, to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and your friends. Luxtopia’s next phase begins here!

Because taking over the world is fun!