Now is the Time for Visceral to Release a New Dead Space Game

Alas, poor Isaac...

With the release of Prey, now would be the right time for Visceral games to make a follow-up to their beloved space horror game Dead Space. Long time fans of Dead Space know how good the franchise was but the franchise has fallen from grace with how Dead Space 3 did not live up to everyone’s expectations.

Dead Space has the opportunity to reinvent itself and maybe even reboot the franchise to offer fans a fresh new take on the series. This is what Arkane did with their game and I think that Dead Space can do the same thing. I wouldn’t recommend that they follow suit and turn the game into FPS though. With the slew of franchise reboots going first person, Dead Space can sell itself as the only true scifi horror in third person mode.

I’ve always loved the series ever since I played it on the PS3 and I have been wondering whether Visceral will ever release a new Dead Space game. I do think Dead Space 3 has already tied up loose ends with its ending but I am sure there are other parts of that world that we could explore. They could opt to introduce us to a new character that Isaac can pass the torch to and can someone that old players and new players could can hopefully love and support. And like I said, they could also opt to reinventing the game and make a reboot of the series. I wouldn’t mind seeing Isaac Clarke tearing apart necromorphs limb to limb.

I had issues with Dead Space 3 myself as the game became less of the nail-biting horror it provided and focused more on the action sequences. This is what happened to games like Resident Evil 6 where it seems that the developers were more interested in making the game more comfortable for people to play with rather than sticking to their guns and provide an excellent horror experience.

My hope is that Visceral can learn from what Arkane Studios did with Prey and that we can see a new Dead Space game in the horizon.