Nvidia and Google Concerned Over Current Microsoft Acquisition

Two more companies are worried of the deal.


Nvidia and Google have recently expressed their concern over Microsoft’s acquisition, the Activision Blizzard deal.

The list of major global companies just got longer now as Nvidia and Google joined in. A new report by Bloomberg revealed that both companies are apprehensive about this upcoming acquisition by Microsoft. According to Bloomberg’s sources, Nvidia stated that there is a “need for equal and open access to game titles.” To note and interestingly, the Nvidia representative seems to be not outright opposing the acquisition. The company thinks it’s okay, but there are some small details that need to be clarified.

Google seems to have the same sentiment as Nvidia as the deal might make Microsoft gain an unfair advantage in the cloud, mobile gaming, and subscription niches. Microsoft, however, says they do not understand these concerns about the acquisition.

nvidia and google

The companies currently worried about Microsoft’s acquisition are Sony, FTC, Nvidia, Google, and a few other companies and governing bodies. There are others who are pretty okay with the deal though like Brazil, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, and Chile. How this will pan out, only time will tell.