Ocean’s Heart Coming to Seam This Month

Game publisher Nordcurrent and developer Max Mraz has announced recently that the bright pixel-art adventure RPG Ocean’s Heart is finally coming to Steam for PC this month.

The action-adventure RPG will finally land on Steam this coming January 21. This is a Zeldalike demake of Bloodborned and gains a lot of inspiration from old classics with a mix of its own flavor. It promises hours of exploration, role-playing, hidden secrets, and encounters.

Ocean’s Heart is a charming pixel-art action RPG set in a spirited world, brimming with secrets, magic, and perilous affairs. As Tilia, a young girl whose father and best friend have been kidnapped by the ruthless pirate Blackbeard, you must set off on a treacherous journey through a vast and dangerous wilderness to rescue him, unraveling a web of pirate conspiracies on the way. Gather items along your journey to craft potions as well as expand and upgrade your ever-growing arsenal of weapons, constantly increasing your skills to fight boss adversaries and survive deadly dungeons.

“Ocean’s Heart borrows inspiration from the likes of Zelda, Hollow Knight, The Witcher, and even Dark Souls, to create an exciting take on the action-adventure RPG genre,” said Artūras Surgutanovas, Head of Marketing from Nordcurrent. “Packed with tons of side-quests and hidden secrets, Ocean’s Heart is wrapped in an engaging story chock-full of clever humor, providing a deep and entertaining experience that will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings. Wishlist the game on Steam today so you don’t miss our launch on the 21st!”

Source: Press Release