Okami HD Possibly Heading to PS4 and Xbox One This December

Okami is one successful action-adventure title by Clover Studios and published by Capcom back in the PS2 era. It’s currently sitting at a 93 Metacritic score, while both the PS3 and Wii versions are sitting on 90. Reports claimed by Kotaku UK’s News Editor, Laura Kate Dale, that according to two independent sources, which are both verified by the publication, Capcom is planning to launch Okami HD on both PS4 and Xbox One on December of this year.

According to Laura, they got evidences that shows two European retailers have added Okami HD to their internal upcoming release calendar – specifically on December 12, 2017. While the evidences are not shown on Kotaku UK’s report, it is a known fact that Laura Kate was able to hit up an accurate report about Ubisoft’s Mario+Rabbids. She’s a credible source and should be taken some consideration when it comes to these kinds of rumor.

They reached out to Capcom but the publisher avoided their calls and e-mails. Kotaku UK is still waiting for a response.

Considering that Okami HD got released on Wii, we can also safely assume that Capcom might also have the game ported over to Nintendo Switch.

It’s going to be great that Okami is making a comeback, but for sure, it would have been better if a possible sequel or remake was in place than a remaster.

Source: Kotaku UK