One Big First Day! – AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2017

AsiaPOP Comicon, APCC for short, is the premiere convention celebrating all of geek culture, both from the east and the west. The first day is on a Friday, a work day, this gives us a lot of space to explore the convention floor.

Let us start with the biggest thing in the convention: the Netflix booth. By big, I mean it, more or less, occupied one hall in Mall of Asia’s SMX Center. Netflix has gone out full force this year with an experiential type set up utilizing the various series they have on their service. There was the Death Note VR, Pop’s Diner serving vanilla and chocolate milkshakes, and a lot of Stranger Things areas, which was all lined up along the Defenders street. Pretty cool stuff.

Outside on one end you have the Acer Predator booth which was hosting an Overwatch tournament running the over the weekend. I do suggest you try and join it as a Predator 15 (inside is a 7th generation Intel i7 and GTX 1070) laptop is up for grabs!

On the other end you have the various stalls for artists and guest cosplayers. Many of them are selling prints and are more than welcome for selfies. You have Jin, Pion Kim, Artgerm, Alan Quah, Carl Potts and more all lined up waiting for you to give them a visit. If you have the cash to burn you can even request for sketches from the illustrators, be warned though, it will really be burning cash.

Not too far off was the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) ring. Think WWE with a Filipino flavor. It was bombastic, flashy, campy and all around a good time. Matches happen at specific times and when one starts you will hear it. Stick around and enjoy the show.

Beyond that were the local artist booths, and comparing it to last year’s event, there are a lot more local artists coming out. From Punziella’s soft toned art works to Libreng Komik’s hilarious 4 panels, there is a lot available for everyone.

We haven’t even mentioned yet the ton of booths in between areas selling collectible, apparel, there is just so much available. Do come to this year’s APCC, it gets bigger every time (to the point I’m worried we are going to run out of space come the next one).

In addition, we also have an interview with Gaku Space, the voice actor of Genji from Overwatch, coming up real soon. Stay tuned for that!

Day 1 Photos: