Overwatch 2 Bug Turns Mercy into a “Hostage Taker”

The healer becomes the hostage taker of lobbies.

A report has revealed that a new Overwatch 2 bug has turned one hero into a “hostage taker” and would break the game.

New Overwatch 2 Bug is Game-Breaking

Overwatch 2 has had its various bugs and issues many times, and this new one is no stranger. This time though, it affects one of the many heroes of the game and ironically, it is the one who can heal their allies. Players who use Mercy as a main will have a bad time because Blizzard will have to remove her from ranked due to this new game-breaking bug. It can cause serious problems if this does not get fixed soon.

Mercy Holds Whole Lobby Hostage

YouTuber nsbunited shared details about the Mercy bug saying that Mercy could “hold lobbies hostage” by abusing this interaction won Paraiso.

How the Exploit Works

This new special exploit allows Mercy players to use their staff and pistol animations at the same time and thus resulting in a strange bug. After activating the glitch, players will have to swap back to their staff to take its full effect. Everyone else in the lobby will have their FPS drop and the game will become almost unplayable. It only gets worse when Mercy respawns from this.

The result is a lot of lag for everyone, but the problem is that the Mercy player can move normally by just swapping back to her pistol. Everyone else’s screens are lagging as hell, but the Mercy player can go alone and do her own business. She can push the payload all the way to the end and win it all for her team.

The whole Paraiso lobby is Mercy’s hostage, explains the YouTuber.

How the Lag Temporarily Gets Fixed

In order to mend this problem, players who get affected can just leave and rejoin the match. They just need not pick a hero during the setup phase or “force” the Mercy player to swap to another hero to not let this happen again.

Blizzard has not made any comment on this new glitch or made any moves to remove Mercy from ranked. It will be a matter of time before the dev team clears this up.

Overwatch 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.