Overwatch 2 Latest Trailer Introduces Season 5

New season, new battle pass, new game modes, and a demon lord?!

Blizzard has recently announced the new Overwatch 2 Season 5 with a new trailer and details in the latest post.

Overwatch 2 Season 5 Announced

Season 5 is all about Questwatch, a new story that introduces a new Battle Pass, and a new story with progression to some of the heroes. Questwatch is a new role-playing campaign that Tracer, Emily, Orisa, and many others are playing in this new season.

In this story, Tracer and her companion GR-iffon Orisa have set out to explore the magical kingdom of Overland to become a knight. They meet different kinds of people both friends and foes, as they look to save Queen Emily and her kingdom from the terror of Demon Lord Reinhardt. Unlock higher tiers in the Battle Pass to unlock new chapters in this RPG adventure.

Battle Pass Unlocks Tracer’s New Skin

Players with Premium Battle Pass will be able to unlock the new base Mythic Adventurer skin for Tracer at tier 45, but she will not be a full knight yet. Progress the campaign first to make her a knight and unlock new customizations for the Mythic Adventurer skin along the way on tiers 65 and 80. There are also new Epic and Legendary skins to collect including Slime Queen Echo, Royal Guard Genji, and Demon Lord Reinhardt.

New Game Mode

A new mode has been created called Defeat the Demon Lord. It includes a team of four heroes standing up against the powerful Demon Lord Reinhardt in a 1v4 Team Deathmatch brawl.

There are new event challenges called Key Quests to complete, which will involve playing either other modes or the new Defeat the Demon Lord game mode. Complete the five Key Quests to unlock a treasure chest of 1,500 Currency, which can unlock past skins from the Hero Gallery. It can also let players earn 20,000 XP in Battle Pass.

Summer Games also make its debut in Overwatch 2. Lucioball has returned and introduces a whole new game mode called Winston’s Beach Volleyball. Take part in these event challenges to earn the tropical themed skin for Doomfist and up to 50,000 Battle Pass XP.

Overwatch 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.