Overwatch 2 Players Not Satisfied with Pride Month Event

It felt underwhelming, players say.

A few players in Overwatch 2 are unhappy with the current Pride Month event that Blizzard is hosting for the whole month.

Overwatch 2 Pride Month Event has Begun

The Pride Month event has begun in Overwatch 2 and offers a lot of freebie content for fans to enjoy. It includes Name Cards, map updates, and more that players could all get for free. This would allow players to choose which cosmetics would better represent them in the game and show off during their rounds. Many have praised Blizzard for adding inclusivity to Overwatch 2 for the first time, but some complained that they were not satisfied with this event.

Event Felt “Underwhelming”

Some players have recently posted on social media that they felt the Overwatch 2 Pride Month event was “underwhelming” and even said they did not notice it had begun. This negative feedback might be fueled by the previous cancelation of Overwatch 2’s PvE campaign mode. These criticisms have now appeared possibly as part of the protests.

This complaint about the lack of content for Pride Month was recently posted on Reddit (now deleted) expressing their frustration. They think the event is lackluster and falls short of the celebration for Pride Month. They claim that making a few random characters canonically LGBTQ and adding flags and confetti to existing maps should not be qualified as an event.

Others Speak

Another Reddit user claims that this is the first event where there are no challenges that would give them battle pass rewards. Others said that they had high hopes for the inclusivity and new customization options, but when they saw the items, they were dashed because they looked disappointing. A few more criticized Blizzard for putting only a little effort into the event for Pride Month that does not even include a new loading screen or a welcome message.

Blizzard has not shared any statement to confirm or deny these claims.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.