Palworld: How to Beat Victor and Shadowbeak

A guide on how to defeat Victor, the strongest boss in Palworld

Palworld Victor Shadowbeak cover

Victor is one of the Tower Bosses of Palworld and is considered to be the strongest boss in the game so far. Together with his Shadowbeak, their formidable team poses a great amount of challenge even for players that are kitted with the best gear and Pals. Read ahead as we share some tips and strategies to help defeat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld.

Preparing for the Fight

There are plenty of stuff to prepare in order to win against Victor, such as:

Reach max level 50

Reaching max level 50 allows you to unlock and gain access to all of the necessary tools and gear in the tech tree, obtain all the stat points needed to level up the important combat stats, and raise the level cap of all your Pals.

The fastest way to grind levels at the start is to take advantage of the bonus XP boost that you get from capturing the first 10 of each Pal. As you make your way up to capturing the tougher Pals, you will need to work on both improving your capture chances by collecting Lifmunk Effigies all across the map, and crafting your way up to get the better Spheres.

Dungeon Bosses are also a good source of late game XP especially when raising bred Pals that need to catch up to your team’s level.

Obtain Legendary Gear and Weapons

Most of your attack and defense stats will be coming from the gear and weapons that you equip, so having the best gear on you will increase your chances of defeating Victor. More on what and where to get these Legendary Gear and Weapons in the Best Gear and Weapon section below.

Respec Stats

Respec and reallocate your stats to the essential ones for combat, such as HP, Stamina, Attack, and Defense especially if you have stats placed on Work Speed. Following the strategy that will be discussed later on, prioritize placing stats on Attack, then on HP and Defense, and don’t forget to allocate some on Stamina to be able to do sustain dodge rolls.

Respeccing stats can be done by consuming a Memory Wiping Medicine crafted from an Electric Medicine Workbench.

Consume Food for Buffs

Certain types of food can give some substantial bonuses to either your attack or defense. These food buffs do not stack, so you can only have one active food buff at a time.

  • Eikthyrdeer Loco Moco: +20% Attack
  • Eikthyrdeer Stew: +20% Defense
  • Mozzarina Cheeseburger: +20% Attack
  • Rushoar Hot Dog: +20% Defense

While doing your first practice tries, go for the food with Defense buffs so that you can last longer in the fight and get to practice more with the different attacks. Once you have enough practice, switch on to food with Attack buffs to raise your damage uptime.

On the topic of food, make sure to get the Feed Bag and have it topped up with enough food for your Pals so that they can regenerate some health while withdrawn during the battle.

Build an Strong Pal Team

Building a strong Pal team doesn’t mean that all your Pals should be Dragon-type attackers. Consider raising tanky Pals that you can let out to help take the aggro away from you or ones that can help with keeping Victor and his Shadowbeak under control. More on the recommended team in the Best Pals section below.

It is worth mentioning that breeding Pals to get favorable traits and using the Pal Essence Condenser to further raise a Pal’s tier and stats can go a long way when trying to defeat Victor within the time limit. The higher the tier of your Pals, the better their survivability and damage output will be.

Once you have bred the Pal that you will be using against Victor, the next step is to empower them through the Statue of Power. Use your saved souls on them to give their stats a massive boost.

Best Gear and Weapon against Victor

The best gear to go for are the following:

  • Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor (Lv50)
  • Pal Metal Helm (Lv46)
  • Hyper Shield (Lv43)

The armor itself can be unlocked after reaching Technology Tier 50 and it is a must get in order to survive the harsh coldness that surrounds Victor’s Tower. The Pal Metal Helm and Hyper Shield can be unlocked along the way and are also recommended

For the weapon, the main challenge is to keep your damage uptime high enough so that you can deal enough damage to bring Victor and Shadowbeak’s HP down to 0 before the timer runs out. In this case, it is recommended to go for the Rocket Launcher which is the weapon that has the highest damage output.

The Rocket Launcher requires a steady aim, but each connecting shot can deal massive amounts of damage. It also does not require you to stay in place for too long or be bogged down while shooting which helps in keeping on the move and dodging attacks.

Alternative options for weapons are the Assault Rifle and the Pump-Action Shotgun which are still viable for keeping a high damage output provided that they are fired often.

Best Pals against Victor

Shadowbeak is a Dark-type Pal, so Dragon-type Pals with Dragon-type attacks are super effective against it. Having either Quivern or Jetragon as your main offensive Pal can help take off a huge chunk of Shadowbeak’s health at the start of the match.

This is the recommended party setup to face against Victor:

  • Jetragon
  • Quivern
  • Chillet
  • Frostallion/Wumpo
  • Galeclaw

Chillet, Frostallion, and Wumpo can be used to proc the frozen debuff on Shadowbeak and which can give you some breather, although this relies on chance. Galeclaw can help in quick repositioning and evading certain types of attacks and so its only purpose in the team is to be the glider.

Ideally, the best passive skills to have for your Pals are the following:

  • Divine Dragon: +20% Dragon Atk
  • Blood of the Dragon: +10% Dragon Atk
  • Legend: +20% Atk, +20% Def, +15% Movement Spd (applicable only to Jetragon and Frostallion)
  • Ferocious: +20% Atk
  • Cheery: -10% Incoming Dark Dmg

Best Strategy against Victor

Victor’s Shadowbeak has many devastating attacks that can easily deal fatal damage when they connect. On top of its Dark-type attacks, it also knows Cryst Breath that can freeze you and your Pal for a few seconds.

The main strategy for the fight against Victor and Shadowbeak is to be as evasive as possible while anticipating for windows to attack.

Sending out your Pal to fight along side you rather than mounting them will not only double the sources of damage, but it also halves Shadowbeak’s attention between you and your pal. The strat is to have your Pal take the aggro and bring Shadowbeak over to a corner, creating a distance between you and the enemies. Then, you can take the aggro by withdrawing your Pal and sending them back out again so that they can help with the DPS.

A trick that can be done, although this would count as cheesing, is to withdraw your Pal just right before Shadowbeak unleashes its attack. It has a number of attacks that has delayed impacts, and so you can easily withdraw your Pal to help them stay longer in the fight.

Switch out your Pal whenever their health is low to give them time to heal up. Pay attention to the timer and Shadowbeak’s health bar; you know that you are on track when its health is lower than the timer percentage-wise.

Victor Boss Fight Rewards

Once Victor has been defeated, you will be rewarded with 5 Ancient Technology Points, plus you get access to the fast travel point at the top of the Tower.

That’s how to defeat the tower boss, Victor and Shadowbeak. For more guides and walkthroughs like this one, feel free to check out our main page for Palworld.