Palworld: How to Breed for Stronger Passive Skills

A guide on how to pass down passive skills through breeding in Palworld

Palworld Passive Skill Breed cover

Passive Skills provide Pals in Palworld with different buffs, and even debuffs, that would change the way they perform in combat and even when working in bases. These passive skills can also be passed down through the process of breeding which allows players to obtain a stronger Pal with the best set of passive skills. Read ahead as we talk about the process of getting Pals with the best Passive Skills in Palworld.

How to breed Pals in Palworld

To breed Pals, you will need one male and one female Pal, place them inside a Breeding Farm, give them cake, and then wait for them to lay an egg. The resulting egg can then be placed in an Incubator to make it hatch and get a Pal. A more thorough explanation on how this process works and how to obtain a specific Pal offspring is available on our How to Breed Pals guide.

Passing on Passive Skills

Passing on Passive Skills in Palworld

An offspring of a pair will have a chance to obtain the passive skills of either or both of its parents upon hatching. There is also a small chance that the offspring will not obtain any of its parents’ passive skills, and there is also a chance that it could obtain a totally random passive skill. So the only way to get a Pal that has the preferred set of stats is by constantly breeding and hatching until you get the one that you want.

It is always best to start off with parents that have the most amount of passive skills that you need for the offspring that you want. In case you do not have such a parent yet, if possible, you can try to get the same species of the opposite sex that has one of the passive skills that you need, then have them breed with each other until you get an offspring that has both skills on it.

For example, say you want an Anubis with Skills A, B, C, and D. You have a Grizzbolt that has both Skill A and B, but your Caprity only has Skill C. You have these options to go for:

  • Get a Loupmon or a Lovander that has both Skill C and D; Loupmon or Lovander can be bred with Grizzbolt and you will still obtain an Anubis
  • Get a Grizzbolt that has Skills A, B, and D
  • Get a Caprity that has Skills C and D
  • Go for another parent combination that also results in an Anubis and that has all the skills you need, e.g.: Digtoise + Relaxaurus

Regardless of how you obtain the parents, what is important is that they both collectively have the skills that you want their offspring to have.

On the other hand, if a parent Pal has a negative passive skill amongst its other favorable skills, it can still be used for breeding if you do not have any other parent option since there is still a possibility that the offspring will only retain only all of the positive skills.

Legendary Pal Passive Skill - Palworld How to Breed for Stronger Passive Skills

There is one passive skill, Legend, which is exclusive to Legendary Pals. However, it is possible to pass down the Legend skill to non-legendary Pals through breeding. These are the Legendary Pals that innately have the Legend passive skill:

  • Paladius
  • Necromus
  • Frostallion
  • Jetragon

Best Passive Skills to Breed For

There are passive skill builds that you can adopt for your Pals depending on their role in your game.

Party Attackers

For pals that have the main role of DPS in your party:

Passive SkillDescription
LegendAttack +20%, Defense +20%, Movement Speed +15%
MuscleheadAttack +30%, Work Speed -50%
FerociousAttack +20%
LuckyWork Speed +15%, Attack +15%
Swift30% increase to movement speed
Any Tier 3 Type-Specific Buff20% increase to *Type* attack damage

Player Buffers

For pals that have the role of giving passive buffs to the players themselves:

Passive SkillDescription
Vanguard10% increase to Player Attack
Stronghold Strategist10% increase to Player Defense
Motivational Leader25% increase to Player Work Speed
Logging Foreman25% increase to Player Logging Efficiency
Mine Foreman25% increase to Player Mining Efficiency

Base Workers

For pals who are assigned in the base to work on tasks:

Passive SkillDescription
ArtisanWork Speed +50%
SeriousWork Speed +20%
Work SlaveWork Speed +30%, Attack -30%
Swift30% increase to movement speed
WorkaholicSAN drops +15% slower
Diet LoverDecrease in Hunger is less likely by +15%

Ranch Pals

For pals that are assigned to graze in the ranch; several tests confirm that the Work Speed skill does not affect the amount of drops the ranch Pals produce:

Passive SkillDescription
Diet LoverDecrease in Hunger is less likely by +15%
Dainty EaterSatiety drops +10% slower
WorkaholicSAN drops +15% slower
Positive ThinkerSAN drops +10% slower

That’s how to breed for stronger Passive Skills in the game. If you would like to see more guides and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our main page for Palworld.