Past Cure Managing Director Points Reviewers Have Not Fully Played The Game To Understand It

Since Past Cure’s launch, the psychological thriller developed by Phantom 8 Studio, wasn’t met with open arms but instead ravaging low scores from critics. There was apparently a debacle over Twitter when one of the gaming websites,, criticized the game negatively based on its review and that the studio responded to it.

Apparently, reported that the studio went on “PR meltdown” due to the response they got from Phantom8. Leading to this day, the published article on has been removed as it shows a 404 error page when we tried to visit the post.

Now, in a recent interview with ThisGenGaming, the Managing Director, Simon Gerdesmann, said that the reviewers/critics did not play the full game and didn’t progress deep enough to fully grasp what the game is all about. “The missing focus on positive sides of the game is a pity. The game is in the first part a cinematic story and not an action or stealth game, but these were the most criticised parts,” said Gerdesmann in the interview. “Also it seems that not all reviewers played the full game and digged into the game to understand it. We did not want to spoon feed the story and players have to discover it. Probably due to lack of time it is hard for reviewers to fully dive into a game.”

Reviewing games can be a tedious and taxing task and it requires ample amount of time and dedication to come up a concrete and concise critique. Critics might not finish the whole game when they feel that they already got what they need for the review. However, this might not be the case with big names such as Destructoid, DualShockers, CGMagazine, and We Got This Covered. The game currently stands with an average score of 36 on OpenCritic with 26 scored reviews and 1 unscored review from the official listed publications.

Past Cure was heavily criticized for its narrative and game design.

Source: GamerzUnite, ThisGenGaming