New Patent Hints PlayStation to Introduce In-Game Notes Made by Players

playstation 5

A new patent filed by game company Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that PlayStation players could leave in-game tips to help others.

According to the patent posted by SIE, players would be able to leave messages, images, and even audio clips that others could check out. They can leave clues, vital information, or anything useful for the other players to find out.

Here’s the exact abstract:

The generation, association, and display of in-game tags are disclosed. Such tags introduce an additional dimension of community participation to both single and multiplayer games. Through such tags, players are empowered to communicate through filtered text messages and images as well as audio clips that other game players, including top rated players, have generated and placed at particular coordinates and/or in context of particular events within the game space. The presently described in-game tags and associated user generated content further allow for label based searches with respect to game play.

These in-game notes can work in single and multiplayer games. These could become the next way to offer a walkthrough or tips and tricks post.

Source: US Trademark and Patent Office Website via Scrubwiki