PAX Online To Deliver 24 Hours Stream of Content for Nine Days Straight

PAX Online

Organization Penny Arcade recently announced that the popular event PAX West this year will now become PAX Online.

The organization behind the popular events had hoped that they were going to bring PAX West this year, protecting the safety and health of their community is their highest priority. They finally decided that they wanted everyone to stay at home and remove the physical barriers entirely. This is how PAX Online came about.

This new online event is the result of a combination of the supergroup made from the people behind PAX West, PAX Australia, and their friends at EGX.

The new online event will deliver a steady 24 hours worth stream of content, events, discussions, and gameplay. The online event will be running for nine straight days from Sept. 12 to 20.

There will be no more badges on sale because it will be free and open to the public. Viewers will only need an internet connection to join PAX Online. For the panels, there will be three channels worth content sharing nonstop every day. It will show panels, concerts, and competitions. It will also have a few surprises planned.

There will be Esports included in this online event. They are still making improvements, but they can say they will be hosting some tournaments throughout the week. Viewers can download and demo games as well. Merchandise will be sold online and some of them are available for pre-sale right now.

Source: Official Website

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