Payday 3 Servers Finally Back Online After Launch Day Disaster

Issues continued for over six hours and more.

After yesterday’s problematic launch day, Payday 3 servers are finally getting back on track.

When Payday 3 launched yesterday, the official Twitter account of the game posted a notice revealing it was experiencing slow matchmaking. This was posted four hours after the game launched in full. It seems there was a massive influx of new players with millions more from Xbox Game Pass.

The server issues continued for over six hours after the first post on Twitter. During the seventh hour after the problems appeared, the developers finally posted another post to give an update. They revealed that server-side fixes got deployed, but there are still issues with the matchmaking, which was unfortunate.

Today, the matchmaking services are gradually getting back online. This just confirmed that the worst part of the instability issues might finally be over this time. There could be still some issues, but it will not be causing any major problems anymore.

Since Payday 3 is one of the most anticipated titles for the fans of the series, these day one issues have gone down pretty badly for them. At least the developers did not leave them hanging after the problems popped up and now most of them are gone.