People Should Stop Hacking and Exploiting Consoles

If I’m going to be specific with this particular topic, I’m talking about hacks for both the Switch and the PS4. While there are potentially a lot of benefits in hacking your console, there are also a couple of downsides. The risks you may encounter are definitely not worth it and you might end up crying due to the consequences if you manage to mess up.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about the exploits of today’s modern consoles.

It’s no surprise that people have managed to find software loopholes – with a ton of effort and time spent if I might add –  which eventually allowed them to jailbreak (a cooler word for hacking) their PS4’s and Switches in ways that were never intended.

But what about the Xbox One? Why hasn’t that been hacked yet? While there’s a ton of possible reasons as to why (no memory exploits, use of the virtual environment, etc.), but it’s pretty clear that people have tried and failed. But hey, there’s still Sony’s and Nintendo’s devices and people have definitely hacked those.

As of this day, both the Switch and the PS4 have the current capability to run Homebrew apps and games. These are software developed by original creators who have no affiliation with either Sony or Nintendo. These people are taking huge gambles in trying to make these consoles run in a way that many major companies consider taboo.

So what do you get from hacking them? Well, the most obvious benefit is that you get to play downloadable games and install non-licensed apps FOR FREE. Yep, you don’t have to spend a dime. As of this moment, the PS4 has been gathering the most attention as hackers have managed to make the console run emulators as well as downloadable PS4 ISO’s.

It is admittedly very impressive and it can save you a ton of cash if you manage to pull it off, but I still feel that it’s not worth it.

There are three very important reasons as to why I think that is, with the first being system updates. Over time, you will be required to update the firmware of your console for the purpose of improving them. This can be anything from fixing bugs, changing the UI, updating online servers, or even adding free content for everyone to enjoy.  But if you do decide to push through with the hacking, then you’ll most likely be deprived of certain key features. For example? You can no longer engage in online play as doing so will risk bricking (a fancy way of saying “making something useless”) your console.

Another good reason as to why I think this should stop is that hacking is like a way of telling game developers that we don’t need them to come out with new titles. A lot of people think that the ability to run emulators and play modern games on hacked consoles without the need to pay for any of them is astonishing. I actually kinda agree with that. However, I also want to show these developers some love by legally purchasing what they’ve made. If nobody buys games and just downloads everything for free, then these devs won’t gain any revenue. No revenue means no money and that results in them being unable to come up with possible outstanding titles that we could have relished in. I’m pretty sure a world where there are no more new games is every gamer’s worst nightmare.

And the final reason as to why I’ll always oppose the idea of console hacking is the probability of bricking them. I’ve already mentioned this term before, but it’s very important that I emphasize it. The reason why people coined the term bricking is that if you mess up in jailbreaking your console, then you’ll end up making it as useless as a brick. It’s an expensive brick, but a brick nonetheless. You won’t be able to use it anymore, and you’ve just wasted all that hard earned money just because you wanted an easier way of acquiring games. And mind you, there are a ton of procedures that need to be followed to the T if one wishes to hack their consoles and one even one misstep can end in catastrophic failure. So no, I’m much too happy with both my PS4 and Switch to risk either of them and doing so would be…a huge waste if all goes poorly.

There you go, reasons as to why I’m opposed to console hacking. If you think it’s fine to do so, then leave a comment in the section below to change my mind.