Persona 3 Remake Rumors Intensify After New Update

A big change is in the air, fans could almost taste it.

A new Persona 3 Remake rumor has now hyped many Persona fans again as it might indicate something might be happening soon.

Why Persona 3 is Beloved

While there have been many Persona titles that are beloved by the gaming community, there is one title that many still love to come back to over and over again: Persona 3. It has a story that fulfills both happy and tragic endings at both times and a good one too. This is why many fans ask for a Persona 3 Remake, a retelling of the whole story to at least give a happy ending for everyone without ending it bittersweet. Rumors of a remake have been rampant for years, and this time it seems this new update has rekindled it again.

New Update, New Stir

A web domain that could be related to Persona 3 just got updated. It has been speculated that the RE suffix could be referred to as a Reloaded Edition or just Reloaded. Since the protagonists in this game use guns to release their Personas into real life, which is called Evoker handguns. The suffix is aptly named since guns can be reloaded so it would be its other name for Remake.

Xbox Games Showcase Appearance?!

Fans are now speculating that this new update in the last 24 hours indicates that Atlus is going to announce the “reloaded” game soon. It could be revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase since most of Atlus’ Persona titles have been released on that platform recently and could be riding on that hype to boost its upcoming sales of this new remake.

Xbox Limited Exclusivity

Of course, Persona 3 Remake or “Reloaded” could be released on other platforms, but it might be later on. Just like with PlayStation titles with limited exclusivity, this could be Xbox’s way of having limited exclusivity too on their platform.

These are exciting times for Persona 3 fans. We just need to wait for the official announcement this coming Summer Game Fest or Xbox Games Showcase.