Persona 5 Royal PS4 Does Not Have Free PS5 Upgrade Option

Quite unfortunate for those who bought the special editions.

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A new report has recently revealed new details about upcoming Persona 5 Royal PS5 version specifically in regards to the PS4 to PS5 upgrade.

Many fans of the Persona series were shocked when Atlus surprised everyone about the launch of Persona 5 Royal on PC, Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. They did not expect them to finally make it possible, but it has now come true. Since it was revealed that there was going to be a PS5 version, owners of the PS5 version have now wondered if there is going to be a scheme where they could upgrade from PS4 to PS5 version for free. There is some bad news for them with this new reveal, unfortunately.

In the latest Q&A between the Persona 5 Royal team and media outlet Persona Channel, they asked the team the question that everyone was waiting for. The team then answered that the owners of the PS4 version of the game will not be eligible for a free or discounted upgrade to the PS5 version. Even if you have the PS4 version in physical or digital form, fans will NEED to buy the game again in PS5 version.

Everyone expected that Atlus would advocate the free upgrade scheme but it seems they have other plans. Many companies have already adapted this method, even Sony Interactive Entertainment has allowed their first party PS4 games have the option to upgrade to PS5 versions for a small fee.

If Atlus every changes their minds, it is not too late.

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Persona 5 Royal is now available on PS4. The PS5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch versions will launch on October 21, 2022.