Persona 5 Tactica Walkthrough Quest 1: Quietly Storming the Castle

The solution to complete the objective of the Quietly Storming the Castle Quest in Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica Q001 Quietly Storming the Castle cover

Quietly Storming the Castle is the first quest in Persona 5 Tactica. In this quest, Erina gets the help of Ann and Morgana to help whittle down some of Lady Marie’s troops stealthily. Read ahead as we share the solution to Quest 001: Quietly Storming the Castle of Persona 5 Tactica.

Quietly Storming the Castle Quest Details

  • How to unlock: Complete Mission 8 – Signal the Counterattack
  • Objective: Defeat all enemies within 2 turns
  • Rewards: Ann and Futaba +20 GP each

For this quest, you will only be able to use Erina, Morgana, and Ann as your units. This quest also serves as an introduction to completing missions within the least turns possible by taking advantage of repositioning, one mores, and triple threats.

Quietly Storming the Castle Quest Solution

Start by positioning Morgana in a prime location so that he could hit the first set of enemies with his Sweep move; use the healing spots on the ground as a guide on where to stand. This will take out the enemies from their cover, allowing the other units such as Erina to hit them for one mores and get a better position.

Perform Triple Threat - Position Morgana - P5T Quietly Storming the Castle Quest Solution

Then, have your units move to a position where they can perform a triple threat to take out all the bundled up enemies at once, just make sure that there’s at least one downed enemy within the triangle for this to work.

On the next turn, have Ann use her Burn move to take the next set of enemies out of cover, then have Morgana take the one mores as he is the one with a high enough mobility to circle around to the other side.

Reposition and Perform Triple Threat - Position Morgana - P5T Quietly Storming the Castle Quest Solution

Same as before, reposition the three units to perform another triple threat to finish off the enemies within the turn limit.

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