Persona 5 Tactica Walkthrough Quest 11: Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret

The solution to complete the objective of Toshiro's Embarrassing Secret Quest in Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica Q011 Toshiro's Embarrassing Secret cover

Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret is the eleventh quest in Persona 5 Tactica. The gang found out about a prohibited location in the world, and they deduced that it might contain one of Toshiro’s secrets that could help them get back home. Read ahead as we share the solution to Quest 11: Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret of Persona 5 Tactica.

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Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret Quest Details

  • How to unlock: Complete Mission 37 – Key to the Past – Faculty Room
  • Objective: Reach the target with entire party
  • Rewards: Unlock Okuninushi

For this quest, you can only pick among Joker, Morgana, Ryuji, and Yusuke. The goal is to get everyone in the marked area, whatever it takes. There’s no turn limit for this quest; just make sure that everyone survives, especially since all your units are far from one another.

Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret Quest Solution

From the starting point, you’ll have the first reachable red button close to the center, while the reachable blue button is on the right.

Platforms - P5T Toshiro's Embarrassing Secret Quest Solution

First, you will need to get the blue platform on the left side raised and let the left unit cross by pressing the right blue button. Then, have the middle red button pressed to let the unit on the right side ride the red platform. Let the middle unit cross to the other side first, then you can have the red unit lift the platform again to let them cross.

Wipe out most enemies - P5T Toshiro's Embarrassing Secret Quest Solution

Next, all your units should still be able to attack, but most of the enemies are under cover. Make your left unit attack the nearby unit to make them open, then have the middle unit attack the open enemy to gain a One More. You can then reposition your units to perform a triple threat and wipe out most of the enemies. Try to have your middle unit remain close to the blue button for now, as you’ll need it later.

Play out the next turn as more enemies come in. Make your middle unit go down the blue platform to raise the next blue platform that’s close to the right unit. Then, using your two side units, bait the brute near the goal to become open so that your middle unit can hit it for a One More and get to the goal. You should be able to get all units to the goal by the next turn as long as your units end the second turn under cover.

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