Persona 5 Tactica Walkthrough Quest 15: Lavenza’s Third Trial

The solution to complete the objective of Lavenza's Third Trial Quest in Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica Q015 Lavenza's Third Trial cover

Lavenza’s Third Trial is the fifteenth and final quest in Persona 5 Tactica. Lavenza offers her services in unlocking the potential of the Phantom Thieves, but first they have to go through a trial to prove if they have what it takes to get this new power. Read ahead as we share the solution to Quest 15: Lavenza’s Third Trial of Persona 5 Tactica.

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Lavenza’s Third Trial Quest Details

  • How to unlock: Complete Mission 45 – Farewell to Domination
  • Objective: Defeat all enemies
  • Rewards: Unlocks ultimate attack for Haru, Erina, and Toshiro

This quest is the hardest and will be the culmination of all the tactics that you’ve learned from all the other quests and missions. You’ll be able to control four units; however, they are spread apart and can easily get mobbed if they’re not positioned properly. It’s recommended to have Personas at level 65 and up for each of the units to add up to their survivability.

Lavenza’s Third Trial Quest Solution

Since all of your units are spread apart, take advantage of this by doing an early triple threat. Toshiro and Ann are the ones closest to enemies, so try to taunt the brute and expose it. You can easily wipe out most of the first wave enemies, including the ones near Erina.

Perform 2nd Triple Threat - P5T Lavenza's Third Trial Quest Solution

After performing the attack, switch to Haru, and despite the huge wall between the enemies and her, she can cast her attacks through it, giving Erina the chance to hit these shielders from the side.

Once the second wave comes in, you can do the same tactic where you lure the brute closer to Toshiro and Ann and perform another triple threat. Afterwards, keep Erina where she is and don’t let her get past the second barricade to anticipate the third wave.

Taunt and Triple Threat again - P5T Lavenza's Third Trial Quest Solution

Once again, on the third wave, have Toshiro and Ann taunt and down the brute; take note that some of the enemies above them are exposed as well. Adjust Erina’s position to get as many enemies as you can within the triangle. If there are any stragglers, use the enemies above Toshiro and Ann to get another chance at a triple threat.

Do the same for the fourth and fifth waves, making sure that you’ve taken care of the brutes first and use them as a trigger for a triple threat.

Toshiro, Erina, and Haru - P5T Lavenza's Third Trial Quest Solution

After defeating all of the waves, Toshiro, Erina, and Haru will now be able to unlock their ultimate skills. Also, you’ll be able to fuse Shiva for completing all the quests 13 to 15, as well as Satanael for completing all 15 quests.

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