Persona 5 Tactica X Moon Rabbit Cafe Collaboration Experience

With all the Food and Activities, they may steal your hearts

Persona 5 Tactica X Moon Rabbit Cafe Collaboration Experience Featured Image

Persona 5 Tactica is one of the biggest SEGA games to end the year 2023 and has recently been launched for all major consoles. Upon its release, numerous fans and gamers of the Persona series have pre-ordered the game and expressed that it is legit.

To further promote the release of Persona 5 Tactica, SEGA has recently collaborated with one of the Philippines’ local Chinese restaurants, Moon Rabbit Cafe to commemorate the game’s launch. We, of Sirus Gaming, will let fans and players of the P5 community know what to expect when attending this spectacular event.

The Persona 5 Tactica launch party was held in Moon Rabbit Cafe, located at 2 Ledesma Street, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. Outside the restaurant, fans will get a chance to see P5 decorations near the entrance and hear new BGMs that can be heard when playing the game.

Upon entering, several hosts will give customers to play various games and once they complete these games, they will receive some freebies that are worth collecting. During this part of the event, I was livid and surprised even though it looked small, it was worth trying out.

The fans in the event can participate in activities such as photo boots, quiz booths, keychain customization, and of course, playing the demo version of P5 Tactica itself.

Among the booths that I have participated in, the most fun that I had was the keychain customization booth and the photo booth. These two booths and activities allowed me to choose which characters I wanted to bond with and who I wanted to bring home. Don’t get me wrong but I also had fun playing the demo of P5 Tactica and it enlightened me that I should get the game as soon as possible as it possesses a new way of playing Persona games.

Since this event is being held at a restaurant, there are also Persona 5-themed food items being sold. From appetizers that stem from wagyu cube sticks, yakitori, tofu age dashi, and gyoza to main dishes like Katsudon & Curry Set, Gyudons, and more, the selection of dishes is unlimited. I had a great time eating their food and receiving a complimentary coaster featuring one of my favorite characters in the Persona 5 series, Makoto. Plus, customers can get a free meal if they manage to purchase the Persona 5 Tactica game in the resto at a discounted price.

The only thing though that I strongly be wary of when attending this event is that fans should expect that the venue is a bit small and will take a long time to line up. So it is advised for many fans to be there as early as possible, especially during the weekends. Lining up during the afternoon may be torturous for many but it may be worth waiting as many surprises will be unveiled upon entering this fun event.

With everything that I experienced in this event, I highly recommend other fans and gamers of the Persona series to come and experience this wonderful event. The Persona 5 Tactica Collab event will last until December 16, 2023, and it is best that they should go as early as possible to get the freebies and play the activities to further test and challenge their knowledge of the game.

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