Is the Persona 5 Tactica Digital Deluxe Edition Worth It?

Wondering if Persona 5 Tactica Digital Deluxe Edition is worth it? Read our insights before deciding, and explore the special perks that come with it.

Persona 5 Tactica is almost upon us, and you may be asking if the Digital Deluxe edition is worth your money. It’s the most expensive version the game has to offer, and it’s bound to have some noteworthy perks. So before you pull the trigger on that sale, take a moment to consider our insights so that you can make a sensible decision.

Should You Buy the Persona 5 Tactica Digital Deluxe Edition?

Yes, the Persona 5 Tactica Digital Deluxe Edition is definitely worth buying for its content alone. Not only do you get to see Akechi and Kasumi again, but you also get a bonus weapon pack and access to the Repaint Your Heart challenge pack. The Digital Deluxe Edition brings the full reunion of the Phantom Thieves to a complete circle.

If you’ve played Royal or even the original Persona 5 game, you’ll know how important Goro Akechi is as the main rival to Joker. What’s interesting is that Tactica may still call Violet as Yoshizawa Kasumi, which raises some questions about when the game takes place. And fans who played through Royal will say something is up with that.

Persona 5 Tactica Digital Deluxe Edition

Besides seeing familiar faces, we also get a bonus weapon pack along with the package. You’ll have Picaro versions for each of the Phantom Thieves’ guns, which will be added to your inventory as the story progresses.

Speaking of Picaro, the Digital Deluxe edition also gets you Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro as summons that Joker can use in battle. You know how powerful these two Personas are from Royal alone. They’ll no doubt be very helpful in this new challenge that the Phantom Thieves have to take on.

The Persona 5 Digital Deluxe edition costs $80 and is only available digitally. It includes all the DLC content at a discounted rate than if you were to get them individually. You can get it on all available platforms, such as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

That sums up our thoughts on whether Persona 5 Tactica Digital Deluxe Edition is worth it or not. If you opt not to purchase the Deluxe, we’ve prepared a guide that lists all Persona 5 Tactica Editions, their pricing, content, and pre-order bonuses for you to choose from.