Persona 5: The Phantom X New Characters

A look at all the upcoming characters in Persona 5: The Phantom X

Persona 5 The Phantom X Characters cover

New trailers of Persona 5: The Phantom X just dropped and they have already given us a sneak peek of the game’s new protagonist and other allies. Thanks to the official website, we also get to learn more about them and their background.

Read ahead as we look through the characters and their Personas in Persona 5: The Phantom X.

Protagonist – Wonder

The yet to be named protagonist given the codename “Wonder”. The Protagonist is a second year student of Kiba Academy. He lives alone in Zoshigaya, Tokyo as his parents are traveling abroad for a long period of time. he goes to school during the day, and he travels into the Metaverse at night with a purpose that is yet to be known. The Protagonist’s main weapon is a dagger and a gun.

The Protagonist’s Persona is known as Jánošík, based on the Slovakian legend that robbed the rich and gave his loot to the poor, similar to Robin Hood.

Luffy – Cattle

Luffy (Luffel with the Japanese VA) is a mysterious creature that looks like an owl. Under the codename “Cattle”, he showed himself to the protagonist and appears to be guiding him as he goes through the Metaverse. Luffy has the ability to transform into a passenger van, much like Morgana from Persona 5. Also like Morgana’s Mona persona, Luffy can turn into a more realistic looking owl while being in the physical world. Luffy’s main weapons are a pair of tonfas.

Luffy’s Persona is known as Rob Roy, based on an 18th-century Scottish clan chief who was accused as a thief when the loan that he took went missing.

Arai Suwa – Closer

Arai, codename “Closer”, is also a second year student in Kiba Academy and is a classmate of the protagonist. She is known to have a considerate and cheerful attitude amongst her friends and classmates. Her reliance on her intuition is what awakened her Persona. Arai’s main weapon is a ball and chain.

Arai’s Persona is known as Awilda, based on a pirate from a Scandinavian legend who commandeered a ship after refusing to follow her father’s, who is also the King, wishes of an arranged marriage. She later found a captainless pirate ship and decided to be the captain of its crew.

Other unnamed playable characters

Based from the trailers, there are at least three more playable characters in the game whose names have yet to be revealed.

  • A person with long black hair who uses a saber as their weapon. Their Persona that appears to be based on a fencer.
  • A person with long white hair who uses a rifle as their weapon. No Persona shown yet.
  • A person with short hair who uses a flail as their weapon. Their Persona appears to be clad in Gothic wear.

Other characters

The trailers have also shown some new and familiar characters that the Protagonist will be meeting throughout the game.


  • Amamiya Ren – Known as Persona 5’s main protagonist, Ren made an appearance in the final few seconds of the trailer in his Joker persona. It is not yet confirmed if he will be a playable character or he is just a side character. An image in the official website also shows the rest of the Phantom Thieves (sans Kasumi from P5R) together with P5X’s protagonist.
  • Igor – Known as the keeper of the Velvet Room and is a recurring character in the Persona franchise.
  • Merope – An attendant of the Velvet Room. Like the other attendants, she also wears a blue attire.
  • Tae Takemi – First seen in Persona 5, Tae served as an ally and sells healing items through her clinic. She also is the Arcana of Death. In the trailer, only her back is seen as the Protagonist walks through the streets of what appears to be Yongen-Jaya.
  • Munehisa Iwai – First seen in Persona 5, Iwai owns a weapon and armor shop in Shibuya and is the go to place to get new gear or upgrades. He is also the arcana of the Hanged Man.
  • Katayama Kumi – She appears to be part of Kiba Academy’s faculty.


  • Kiuchi Yuuji – A guy in a black suit and tie. Not much is known about this character and as to why he plays an antagonistic role. He appears to have a shadow form known as Shadow Kiuchi who appears to be a baseball player.

Persona 5: The Phantom X is set to release as a mobile game. No release date has been announced yet.

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