Pete Hines Shares Updates of Bethesda’s Upcoming Titles

In a recent interview with Tamoor Hussain and media outlet GameSpot, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Pete Hines shared some updates of upcoming Bethesda titles.

Hines shared specific dates and details about Bethesda’s games that are being worked by different studios working under. There is one rumor about developer BGS Austin working on a game called SpyTeam, but that’s it.

Here are the updates from other studios:

  • Bethesda Game Studios | Starfield in 2022 & The Elder Scrolls 6 TBA, the main Maryland team and support from the Montreal studio on Starfield, Austin is working on Fallout 76 updates and another unannounced game.
  • Zenimax Online | Elder Scrolls Online and a new Unknown Project with a new engine.
  • ID Software | Finished all updates on Doom Eternal, sounds like no more DLC, working on next game.
  • Machine Games | Indiana Jones is described as “very very early in development”, this seems like the game only just started so it’s more likely since 2017 they have been working on Wolfenstein III
  • Arkane Austin | Redfall in 2022.
  • Arkane Lyon | Deathloop later this year.
  • Tango Gameworks | Ghostwire Tokyo sometime this year.
  • Alpha Dog Games | Working on mobile game Mighty DOOM
  • No Updates on Roundhouse Studios

Thanks Reddit for the list!

Here’s the interview: