Phasmophobia Early Access Coming to Consoles Soon

Players can now enjoy this awesome horror game on consoles!

Kinetic Games confirmed in the recent Xbox Games Showcase – Extend that Phasmophobia Early Access is coming to new platforms.

It was recently confirmed during the new Xbox Games Showcase – Extend that Phasmophobia Early Access is finally coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 on August 2023. It will also support PS VR2. No specific release date yet, but at least it is finally within this year.

The short trailer revealed that the genre-defining horror game is finally coming to consoles later this year. With this Early Access version, players can play with up to three friends online. It also supports cross-platform, free content updates, unique ghost personalities, seasonal events, rewarding progression system, collectables, customizable difficulty, optional objectives, and more. Every feature that the PC version has will be available on consoles including the latest content.

Players can use a variety of real ghost-hunting equipment in the game to “hunt” for ghosts. There are 24 ghost types to identify and over 10 locations to explore.

Phasmophobia will be available sometime in August 2023 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.