Phasmophobia Roadmap Updated with New Details

More to look forward later this year!

Kinetic Games has recently revealed that the Phasmophobia roadmap has been updated adding new details.

Phasmophobia Roadmap Gets Updated

The Phasmophobia roadmap for 2023 – 2024 has been updated by the developers and according to the developers, it has been “getting cold” lately. It was also explained why Progression 2.0 is now being split into several parts for the game. The developers say that it was for the benefit of the players so they could experience the new Equipment and leveling system sooner instead of waiting around for an extra six months. Based on the roadmap, Progression 1 (v0.9) is now fast approaching as it is planned to be released on July 2023.

According to the roadmap, the July 2023 section reveals details including:

  • Levelling 2.0
  • Rewards Overhaul
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Prestiges
  • Evidence Overhauls
  • [Redacted]

Part One Big Changes to Equipment

Once the first part of the update will be released, the Equipment Tiers will be upgraded which will now become sixty from twenty. The prestige will be improved, there will be a new leveling system, and the developers will be overhauling the evidence feature. This will be a major change to the game on how it feels.

Part Two Makes More Changes

After Part One gets released, the Photo Rewards system will be reworked, adding new Tasks, Optional Objectives, and adding new ways to earn money in each contract Video and Sound evidence.

Part Three Introduces Character Models

The third part of Progression 2.0 will add the long-awaited new character models which will include customization. This will also replace player animations and a complete overhaul of the CCTV system in the Truck, allowing players to navigate through placed cameras and location cameras much easier.

Hopefully next month Progression 1 will be uncovered fully next month.

Phasmophobia is now available on PC and will be coming to consoles soon.