Phasmophobia Tempest Hotfix v0.8.1.7 Fixes Weekly Challenge

Upcoming Ultraviolet update will change a feature for easier evidence gathering.

Kinetic Games has released the latest Phasmophobia Tempest Hotfix v. and it fixes an important weekly challenge.

Phasmophobia Tempest Hotfix v0.8.1.7 is Small but Helpful

PC players who enjoy horror and jump-scare gameplay would definitely want to play Phasmophobia and with the previous Apocalypse and Tempest major updates which introduced more content. It introduced new settings, ghost adjustments, weather 2.0, and more. Since then, the game has acquired various small hotfixes monthly sprinkling in major content for the game like shop updates, new difficulties, events, and more.

The latest Tempest Hotfix is v. only includes one line in the patch notes, but it does fix an important weekly challenge. Here is the rather short patch notes for this hotfix:

  • The Slow And Steady weekly challenge will now have the correct hunt settings

One of the rather popular weekly challenges called The Slow And Steady had some annoying problems in the hunt settings, but with this fix, it will now have correct hunt settings. This weekly challenge will now go through smoothly. Interestingly enough, the hotfix is rather large, with 2GB to download. Some players are rather surprised that this small hotfix takes up a lot of space to download. The developers did not share specific details on what changed so there could be more here.

Fingerprints is Now Ultraviolet

Phasmophobia players are quite excited about the next big content addition for the game: Ultraviolet. According to the developers, since Fingerprints have been one of the more reliable evidence types in the game, they are now planning to make new adjustments to make it more immersive, more fun in certain situations, and more interactive. This has now changed from Fingerprints to Ultraviolet.

Before, getting Fingerprints was difficult to do because if the ghost refused to move somewhere with doors or other interactable, this will never produce Evidence. With this new change, if a ghost steps into a Salt Pile, it will now show Footprints if it has Ultraviolet Evidence. Ghosts that are not Ultraviolet will still step in the pile and give players the initial photo while the Wraiths will never do that at all.

Taking Evidence Easier with Ultraviolet

Another improvement coming to the game is taking photos of Fingerprints and Footprints. Before, players would print with the UV light and put it away, but when players took a photo it would have nothing in it.

Progression 2.0 will now add UV charging where players can shine a UV light onto Fingerprints or Footprints to see them right away. It will also allow charging up the prints, which will finally let the prints stay visible for a short while. This gives players a short amount of time to take a photo of the print and finally get the evidence they need.

UV Lights Three Tiers

There are three Tiers for the UV lights, which are:

Tier I – Glowstick. Snap it to turn it on to project a short-range area light that will last around one minute before it goes dark again.

Tier II – UV Flashlight. It has a brighter, longer range, narrow spotlight. It has a faster UV charge time.

Tier III – UV Light Pro. This is a big flashlight that has a brighter and wider cone of light. It also has a quicker charge time. It is perfect for locating Ultraviolet Evidence quickly on a larger scale.

Fans React to Change

Fans are quite hyped for the reworked Fingerprints feature of the game. This new Ultraviolet setting makes it easier to take evidence now, said one of the users on the game’s Discord channel. Another user shares their dismay with the glow sticks since it is quite weak to use. Overall, fans are quite excited about the change as it will make gathering evidence easier compared to the original Fingerprint setting.

Phasmophobia is now available on PC.