Photo Mode For PS4’s Death Stranding Coming Soon?

DEATH STRANDING™_20191111034355

PC users get all the fun. Even if exclusives come to their platform a year late, they always have some benefits that tips the experience to their favor. Whether that be a better more polished game due to having all the updates from the console available when moved to the PC port, being able to mod the game itself, free multiplayer, and of course some extra features.

In this case, the Photo Mode for Death Stranding will be available on the game’s release for the PC this June 2nd. There isn’t any guarantee that such a mode will release on the PS4, where the game was an exclusive from November 8th.

But there might be hope in the future. Game’s director, Hideo Kojima, did tweet out online that he may consider the feature to be an update soon. We don’t know when, only that Kojima might have a surprise for us in the next update for the PS4 version of the game.

“Why is this such a big deal?” you ask. Because Death Stranding is gorgeous. Absolutely, downright gorgeous. Many moments in the game could make for a good screensaver alone. And while the PS4 has a built in game capture system, Death Stranding itself didn’t have a proper photo mode unless you’re counting taking pictures in the mirror in Sam’s room.

One update that may be nice to have besides this, would be an item that can allow us to listen to the game’s music as we journey along. Neat, huh?

Source: PushSquare

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