Pikmin 4 Beginner’s Guide Video Released

Learn more of these helpful little creatures.

Nintendo has recently released the new Pikmin 4 Beginner’s Guide Video. This will serve as an introduction to the cute plant-like creatures.

Players will be taking control of a new, customizable character and embark on a mission to rescue Captain Olimar and the Rescue Corps. Both groups have crashed on an alien planet and now the player has to go after them and get them out safely.

In order to make this happen, the players will have to enlist the help of the Pikmin, an obedient, plant-like race that loves to lift heavy objects and fight giant monsters for alien visitors for some reason.

The video showcases all of the unique traits of the different Pikmin types. These traits include the strong and fire-resistant red ones and the electric abilities the yellow ones possess. There are ice-type Pikmin that can freeze water and enemies. Blue Pikmin can breathe underwater.

Players can blow their whistles to let the Pikmin gather and follow them. They can then do various stuff that players can command during their journey. Pikin are also very dependable against enemies but they can die if they get overwhelmed, so be careful.

Pikmin 4 launches on July 21, 2023 on Nintendo Switch.