Play Dead Space Remake for Free for a Limited Time

Also buy the game now for cheap!

EA has now announced that interested fans can now play Dead Space Remake for free for a limited time only.

Dead Space Remake Free Play for a Limited Time Only

According to a new post on Steam, Dead Space Remake on PC can now be played for free for only an hour and a half (90 minutes). Players who want to try it out can now do so and possibly complete the game within the time limit if they want to. The post did not mention that the playable demo will be limited to certain sections of the game, so it is possible to complete the whole game within the time limit if they can.

Buy Dead Space Remake Cheaper

Aside from the demo, Dead Space Remake is now discounted by 20 percent of the original price. After completing the playable demo and if they are convinced to get their own copies, they can buy the game cheaper now.

Unfortunately, there is no similar playable demo on consoles.