Playable Final Fantasy XVI Demo Now Available Worldwide

Also, FFXVI dev shows fans his true skills as he melts boss easily in demo.

Square Enix has recently released the playable Final Fantasy XVI demo worldwide after a recent grand celebration.

Final Fantasy XVI Pre-Launch Celebration with Max and Devs

The game developer has recently celebrated the Final Fantasy XVI pre-launch celebration in Los Angeles where fans and the main developers have grouped together. Some of the biggest streamer personalities were also there including Maximillian Dood who is known for being a fan of Final Fantasy VII and now Final Fantasy XVI. During the showcase, Naoki Yoshida, Ryota Suzuki, Hiroshi Takai, and others were present to share more details about the game.

Courtesy of Asmongold

During a demonstration of the game, Max tried it first fighting against an Atlas, which looks like a superior variant of the Iron Giant. He was struggling against it but fought valiantly until the end. Then, the controller was passed to Ryota Suzuki, who has worked on Devil May Cry V in the past and now is working with the guys behind FFXVI. He easily parried, evaded, and massacred the Atlas who was, by the way, level 45 because it was on Hard Mode. Clive’s level was level 30 with level 30 gear. He still defeated the boss with ease.

Final Fantasy XVI Demo Now Available for Free

After the pre-launch celebration, it was confirmed that the playable demo was going to be available today worldwide. Players are able to download the whole demo from the PlayStation Store for free.

Saved Progress and Completion Bonuses

Players can gain access to the opening prologue of the game with this consumer demo. The saved progress will be carried over to the full game after the full launch. Players will be controlling Clive Rosfield at the start of his epic tale and learn about his ambitions and goals, as he endures a tragic event sending him on a dark and dangerous path of revenge.

By completing the demo, players will also experience a special battle demo that has numerous abilities unlocked. This gives them the chance to try out exciting battles and test out different kinds of devasting attacks and combos.

New Trailer and Short Film Revealed

The latest Final Fantasy XVI trailer “Ascension” is out now which can be viewed below. Also check out the short film Requiem below, which is 30 minutes long, and directed by Diego Contreras.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.

Source: Press Release