PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Creator Reassures Launch Is Still In Q4 2017

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is considered to be the most successful Early Access title on Steam which received generally positive feedback from the community; it’s also the most viewed game on Twitch.

Initially planned to get out of the Early Access state in 6 months – specifically this October – the creator Brendan Greene, announced a month ago that the launch will be delayed because he wants to release “a fully featured game.” However, Brendan did not give any specific dates on when PUBG will officially launch and stated that it will be in Q4 2017.

While talking with GameInformer in their September 2017 issue, Brendan assures fans that they’re still aiming to officially release PUBG in Q4 2017. In addition, he also stated that they given themselves a window but not absolute deadline.

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“I have to say that cracked me up, I mean it really did. Because in interviews I was saying six months, and even in interviews I said six- to- seven months would be the kind of time frame we were giving ourselves. After talking about it internally we realized giving set days will lead to problems. If we say October, and we have to try to push it out the door in October, stuff may not get added or stuff may get left out.

So we want to give ourselves a window. But I just found it so funny it was like, “Ohhh PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds delayed,” and we’re not really delayed because six-to-seven months after launch is still Q4 2017, and that’s where we’re still aiming to release. We’ve just given ourselves a window and not an absolute set deadline. ETAs in development are just a dangerous thing to give out.”[/alert]

It’s actually good to note that the game is still expected to launch before the year ends. Brendan’s plans to release PUBG in a state that everyone would be happy, and given the game’s current popularity we will definitely see a great game coming out from Early Access before 2017 closes its door.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is expected to launch in Q4 2017 on PC and also Xbox One; while a PS4 is reportedly going to launch at a later date.