PlayStation 4 to Receive up to 10 Years Support Even after Next-Gen Console Releases

Two Sony Interactive Entertainment executives recently revealed that the support of the PlayStation 4 will still continue even after the release of the next-generation consoles.

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A recent event called Level Up KL Spacebar was held with many big publishers and gaming companies giving advice to indie developers. The first to start off was the talk about Global Self Publishing for PlayStation. It focused more on how PlayStation will help out indie developers create games on the PS4. This is where SIE Global Account Director John Eternal and SIE Head of Indies Initiative Shuhei Yoshida dropped a very interesting tidbit about the current-gen console.

According to Eternal, the PS4 will still get around ten years’ worth of support after the launch of the PlayStation 5. They will still continue to support it because of the fact that there are still around 108 million households with a PS4 console. This meant that a lot of gamers are still interested in the console and it will still be continued to be in use for years to come.

Yoshida continued that as long as there are many people still gaming on the PS4, SIE will continue to do their best to continue supporting the console. Eternal has advised the developers to continue making more games for the current-gen console since its life cycle is not ending anytime soon

For a bit of sad news for the fans who were waiting of a new handheld console or device coming from SIE, both executives have confirmed there will be no such devices coming in the future.

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