“Playstation 4.5” with 4K resolution?

Rumors had it that Sony might be working on a 4K version of the PlayStation 4. That is to say that the console will have increased graphical capabilities and will be able to output 4K graphics for games.

According to Kotaku, “We don’t know whether current PS4 owners will be able to upgrade or if they’ll have to buy an entirely new device to benefit from this power boost, but from what we hear, Sony has started briefing developers.” This speculation started during this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco wheree Sony held meetings with some developers about the possible hardware and how it would work.

Kotaku reports that the upgraded model, referring to it as PS4.5, includes an upgraded processor and a GPU. Both would be necessary to output PS4 games at 4K resolution, which requires much more power than it takes to push a game out at 1080p. At 4K, the PS4 would require stronger graphics capabilities than what the current one offers. Sources aren’t sure when this upgraded machine will ship to consumers, nor how much it will cost.

When Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announced that the Xbox One could get hardware upgrades in the future, it’s not surprising to hear that Sony is on its way to make an equivalent move.

There are still lots of questions surrounding the device such as:

  • Will Sony allow people to trade in their existing PS4s to buy the new machine?
  • How will developers cope with releasing games on multiple types of hardware?
  • Could some games only support PS4.5, as is the case with the New Nintendo 3DS?
  • When this PS4 goes on sale, will Sony continue to sell old PS4 hardware at a lower price?
  • How can Sony manage all this without fragmenting the market?

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this news.