PlayStation 5 Chip Shortages to Continue Until Mid-2021 According to AMD CEO

playstation 5

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su recently shared some bad news for those who are looking for more PlayStation 5 units in the near future. There could be a short of supply just a little bit more.

Su revealed in the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Results that there are still manufacturing issues, which means more shortages for the PS5 and Xbox Series X chips. Low supply of chips will mean lower stocks of PS5 and Xbox Series X units in the near future, unfortunately.

The AMD CEO did note that this will continue in the middle of 2021. Hopefully after that, the issues with manufacturing the chips will be gone now and there will be a steady production.

Online retailers did announce that there will be more stock of PS5 and Xbox Series X units in the future. That might be the case, but it could also mean there will not be any shelf stock that can just be bought easily with walk ins. Well, at least until hopefully in mid-2021.

Source: Siliconera